1959 Family Handyman

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Home Improvement Features - The Wonderful World Of Stereo Sound (The life-like realism of high-quality musical reproduction can be yours with low-cost kits); How To Assemble A Hi-Fi Kit (It's easy to work from these step-by-step instructions - anyone can do it); A Music Wall For Stereo (Hi-Fi, TV and radio each have a place in this custom-designed family entertainment center); Plant Spring-Flowering Shrubs Now (How to choose bulbs wisely and plant them well. Your garden will be a riot of color next Spring); Let's Go To The Hardware Show (Here's your ticket to this "Trade Only" show, with a tour conducted by our staff); All About Insulation (Where it's used, what kinds to apply and what it will do for your house); A Linoleum Cave Base (A linoleum floor with a cave molding has more sex-appeal and is easier to clean, too); A Chopping Block To Improve Your Countertop (A new kitchen convenience that you wife will appreciate each time she uses it) Maintenance And Repair - How To Fight Condensation And Dampness (All you need to know to recognize and combat this menace to your home); Dry Wall Repair (Learn the tricks the pros use to make holes and breaks vanish from sight); Know Your House: All About Wood Framing (Basic know-how that every homeowner should have, to better understand how his house is built); Clapboard Repairs (You don't have to do an expensive re-siding job, when unsightly damage mars you home's exterior); Silence Your Switches (It's easy to replace old-fashioned or faulty switches with modern silent ones); Seasonal Repair Guide (How to get your house in top form for Old Man Winter's onslaught) Tools And Crafts - How To Solder (Tips and tricks of the trade make this technique easy to master); The Art Of Cutting Glass (You can cut glass like an expert, if you follow these how-to hints); Do You Know Your Tools? (If you think you're an expert, take a crack at this quickie quiz); Colonial Cabinet With Shelves (A flawless reproduction of a beautiful - and useful - colonial piece); Finishing Knotty Pine (How to get professional results every time you work with this beautiful wood); Screwdrivers And Their Uses (This month's Tips You Can Tote tells you how and when to use different types of screwdrivers) Departments - Coming Next Issue; Things You Should Know About; Shop Talk With The Publisher; Be Booklet Wise; Ask Handyman; How I Did It; Tips From The Experts; What It's Called And Where To Buy It; Handymania; Index To Six Issues