1958 Family Handyman

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Special Features - From Dreary Basement To Family Fun Room; Refreshments From The Bar; Fun With A Game Floor; Warmth From A Fireplace; Hospitality From A Barbecue; Play With A 5-Way Game Table; Melody From A Music Wall Home Improvements And Repairs - Expandable Workshop Grows As Needed; Mend Frayed Iron Cords; Wallpaper Your Ceilings For Unusual Effects; 3 Easy Steps Now For A Lush Lawn This Summer; Quiet, Please! Soundproofing Stops Noises; It's Easy To Build A Wall; 5 Handy Bathroom Conveniences; Combating Unforseen Winter Emergencies; Tricks Eith Moldings Carpentry And Crafts - 4 Original Designs For Unique Radiator Cover-Cabinets; "Mr. and Mrs." Colonial Pieces Departments - Things You Should Know About; Shop Talk With The Editor; Tips You Can Tote (All about measuring); Make Your Pet Projects Pay Off; Be Booklet Wise; How I Did It (Squeeze bottle caulking - garage door gasket - non-marring clamp pads - wider window flashing - easier cabinet assembly - car door protectors - cutting thin materials - paint can sealer - non-chipping plans - chimney spark and bird arrestor); Tips From The Experts (Use of contact adhesive - how to locate a circuit in a fusebox - sealilng the bathtub-wall joint - how to keep pictures from tilting - better paint matching); Ask Handyman (Smoothing glass edges - flagstone floor indoors - support for cracked rafters - rigt use of vapor barriers - toilet installation - new tiles for old on floors - removing old putty - leveling a concrete floor - refitting a door - why not two thermostats - taking crayon off walls); Handymania; What It's Called And Where To Buy It; Index

April / May
Cover Story - Mobile Barbecue Cart (Chuck wagon for your patio) Round Out Your Kitchen With Lazy Susans (Use wasted space for more storage); Reminder: To The Man Who Holds The Hammer (Complete Spring repair guide); Built-In Vacuum Cleaner (Plug-in system eliminates lugging heavy machines); There's Fun In Finishing (And refinishing) Furniture (A guide to perfect results); Make Furniture Scars And Mars Disappear (How to repair damaged finishes); Tambour Door Storage Wall (Brand new idea makes this built-in unusual); Ornamental Metals Transform Your Home (Elegant designs do wonders); How And Why To Use A Level (Properly handled, it helps you do many jobs better); Modernize Those Ugly Old Garage Doors (Overhead doors are easy to install); Colonial Bed Chest (Authentic antique increases drawer space); How To Repair A Broken Window (No one escapes this task for long) Special Feature - Patios Are Fun For Your Family (How to plan and build an outdoor living room tailored to your family's needs) Departments - Things You Should Know About; Shop Talk With The Publisher; Tips You Can Tote: Hand Saws; Tips From The Experts; How I Did It; Be Booklet Wise; Ask Handyman; What It's Called And Where To Buy It; Index