Car Craft - 2011

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Up Front - Bench Build (We were wrong to put a Chevy in a Mopar), Speed Parts (We test a welding table that is as easy to put together as it is to use) Hands On - The Can Wiring System From ISIS Power (ISIS is the name of an Egyptian Goddess, or in this case, the manufacturer of a controller area network power distrubution system), Affordable Automotive Paint (Like how we sneak a skull and crossbones icon into every other issue?), Low-Buck 400 Small-Block (Here's a tip: Start with a better block than we did, and you'll be ahead of the game), Quick Tech: True Forged Wheels (Cool fire picture. See page 33), Ask Anything (This month, Smith offers big-bore Oldsmobile build ideas and solves gas tank venting problems) Project Car - This Guy's Garage (Tech Editor Smith liked this place so much he lobbied for extra pages. As a kid in Iowa he worked in a garage that was similar to this), Build A Crown Victoria (Are we nuts, or is this the performance bargain of the decade) Features - Krass & Bernie (The guys get visited by a ghostly apparition. They hit the track to free the tortured soul), Harry Trout's Malibu Wagon (Check out this two-seat, tire-roasting wagon), Slot Car Drag Racing (For the guys who live their lives an HO-scale quarter-mile at a time), Roy Pool's '65 Mercury Comet (Running mid-10s on a punched-out, small-block, you know this thing is wound tight) Back Of Book - Junkyard Builder (Hydroboost is not just for Astros anymore), On The Rack (Get ready to cancel/renew your subscriptions, the girls are back), Where's The Fun? (Pintos in the snow and other fun stuff), Rear View (Help us find a long-lost Cougar (car)

Up Front - Bench Build (Why superchargers rock) Hands On - Horsepower! (This Paxton is old-school. Supercharger technology has come a long way since 1957), Speed Parts (Check out the ring filer, and by that we don't mean a filing cabinet for rings), Limited-Travel Roller Lifters (Tech Editor Smith tells you what they are and why you want them), Build A Metal Fab Shop At Home (As far as we're concerned, garages are almost as cool as the cars they house. Carve out a space for metalworking and let the sparks fly), Ask Anything (Smith talks trash about the 8.1L big-block Chevy. Don't bother building one unless you want to spend big money on really expensive parts) Project Car - This Guy's Garage (John Wolf has an eclectic collection of Mopars. Look for Maggie, the awesome shop dog), Ford Racing Supercharger Install (We upgrade our S197 Mustang with Ford Racing's Whipple supercharger kit. This job was as easy to do as swapping an intake manifold. What's even easier to do now is make giant clouds of tire smoke) Features - Krass & Bernie (We've met TV producers just like the guy with the scarf), Extreme Machines (We were invited to a private track rental and couldn't believe how fast these cars were), Steve Dahlmeyers '70 Chevelle (While some snooty Ferrari owners may take offense, we've got no problem with a Chevelle wearing Rosso-Corsa paint), Anti Tour '11 (On top of everything going on in this issue, we took a road trip too. Check out our run through the mountains to Morro Bay), Quuick Car: '10 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet (This car runs high 9s all day long, and you can build your own with parts from the Ford Racing catalog) Back Of Book - Junkyard Builder (Which GM alternator is right for you? Smith's got the insight), Where's The Fun (Builds in progress, burnouts, wheelies and broken parts. We throw a little of everything into these pages), On The Rack (We've gotten less hate mail than we were expecting so the girls stay), Rear View (You should have seen the conundrum we were in when we couldn't find the scan or the original transparency for this month's trip down memory lane) 1