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Special Section: The Sedan Solution - When You Know Your Sports-Car Days Are Over (Six reasons why you don't have to give up the fun of driving just to get a back seat); Audi Fox (Speed on any course you choose); Chevrolet Nova LN (The ultimate in easy riding); Lancia Beta (High-winding luxury, Italian style); Mazda RX-4 (Smooth as a Wankel's whir); Opel 1900 (Getting a handle on handling); Saab 99EMS (For a taste of something different) Atrocity - Challenge IV (Special invitation to C/D's annual Whipyourass Weekend) Features - An American Celebration (If you listen closely, Indianapolis will tell you what your country is all about); Service With A Smile (A day in the life of a Highway Patrolman) Road Test - Pontiac Firebird Trans Am (Keeping the flame alive) Technical Tire Test - Small-Car Tires In The Heat Of Battle (Track-testing 15 different brands of high-performance rubber to see who gets the medals) Sport - Formula 5000 (Welcome to the bigtime); Le Mans 1975 (A four-hour race? Never); Le Mans 1955 (Racing's darkest day); Formula One (A new spirit) Columns - Patrick Bedard (Are you sure Superman started like this?); Bruce McCall (The late, great State of the Automobile); Leon Mandel (Gently into the fastest corner on memory lane); Jean Shepherd (The Fountain of Youth is no place to use a Dixie cup) Departments - In?side Car And Driver (Sticking with a winner); Editorial (Overkill in the Great Fuel Economy War); Letters (Outwitting J.C. Whitney); Enthusiasts'Information Center (Nothing but the facts); Classified Advertising; For Your Information (Sears' new gambit in the car market. Triumph Dolomite Sprint and police-car capers on the frontier); Reviews (A fuzzy look at the car culture, confessions of a sprint car addict, engines of tomorrow and what happens when science takes on the automobile)

Ford vs. Chevy - Going With The Wind (Ford and Chevy prove they do give a damn by showing us the future, circa 1990) Road Tests - De Tomaso Pantera GTS (The Disco Countach meets the Wisconsin Flash. Or, can you hear the cheese whizzing?), Pontiac 2000 Sunbird S/E Turbo (The best-kept performance secret in town), Preview: Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 (Sixteen valves, two cams, 185 hp, 141 mph and it can't get here soon enough), Honda Civic Wagon (Presto! It's a spacious sports car. Chango-O! It's a sporty econowagon), Continental Mark VII LSC (Now Ford has its own mark of excellence), The German Mark (What's a BMW engine doing in a place like this?), Anti-Lock At Last ("Give us a brake..."_ Features - One Lap Of America (Seven days on the road, with Walker Evans, Parnelli Jones, et al), Emergency-Procedure Card (Pour votre securite) Short Takes - Renault Alpine A310GT (We always knew the Gauls could build an exotic GT), Treser Audi 5000 Turbo (Eine Kleine nachtmusik at Flight Level 140) Columns - Driver's Seat (Think about an October vacation), Letters (Common decency), Sherman (Say hello to the GM PC Senior), Yates (Boom times in Bloomfield Hills), Bedard (The XXIII Olympiad: nothing for us car guys) For Your Information - New & Improved (Turboized 944 debuts in Europe, all-wheel drive Vanagon, Saab Turbo convertible, Isuzu Impulse gets power at last), Hi-Tech (Hurst shifts out of neutral), Audi Quattro Sport (Win on Sunday, sell on Monday), People's Porsche (Our spies blow the lid off the 919/921) Sport - The Donohue Death (Will a $20 million judgement against Goodyear signal the beginning of the end of racing as we know it?)

Road Tests - Preview Test: Toyota MR2 (Get yours while they're still hard to get); Engines R Us (Good news from Toyota's dyno room); Chevrolet Spectrum (Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and now sushi); BMW 635CSi (Use it as a fast car is used in Europe: as a small plane); Preview Test: Astro vs. Aerostar (Chevy and Ford fill out the small-van spectrum); Long-Term Test: Mitsubishi Turbo Diesel Pickup (a fond farewell (sob!) to the C/D family truck) Features - Porsche Potency (Belts! Chains! Four cams! 32 valves! 288 hp!); Gran Turismo Communisto (If Karl Marx were alive today, he'd be driving a Lamborghini Countach) Short Takes - DeAtley DMS 4-7 (Like driving your vault); Twin-Turbo Ferrari 308 (An ersatz GTO); Escort Impala 9CI (All company cars are not created equal); Alfa Romeo 33 1.5 4x4 (An Old World maker joins the newest automotive trend) Columns - Driver's Seat (CBS, the UAW, and the Boss's Wogon); Letters (Starring Jack D. Ripper, Eleanor Roosevelt, et al); Sherman (Fantasy fulfillment at forty thousand feet); Yates (Don Aronow and the last playground); Bedard (Donuts, anyone?) For Your Information (New & Improved (450-bhp 4wd Porsche 959, front-drive Starlet, three new Mazdas, Giugiaro's Lotus Erna); Lancia Thema (The southern end of the deal); Cheap Jeeps (Forget this fantasy); 60th Turin Auto Show (Flocking to Mecca) Sport - Hammer, Hammer (No part throttle: Track-testing the best deal in motorsports); Put Your Foot Down And Think Of England! (The land of speed record and noble Richard Noble)

Road Tests - Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvile (Welcome the big red vacuum cleaner), Yugo GV (Revenge of the K mart shoppers), Ford Taurus LX (A milestone machine that lives up to its billing), Preview Test: Mazda RX-7 Turbo (True to the faith) Features - Japanese Dreams (Reverie revs up and hits the road at the 26th Tokyo Motor Show), Six In Support (Consider them creative catnaps), Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' (The army reinvents the wheel, and ya know what? It works!), Jam Session (Thinking of fighting radar with radar? You'd better feel lucky, punk), Oldsmobile Quad 4 Engine (A 150-hp, four-cylinder, four-valve ticket to the engine builders' hall of fame) Short Takes - Ultra Stretch Limousine (Sixty laps equal one mile), Buick Regal Grand National (Speed is a gunslinger in black), Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 (After a timeout for a makeup adjustment, Chevy's sportster bounces back), Dodge Shelby GLHS (An inspirational message for late bloomers) Columns - Editorial License (Write now or pay later), Letters (Our fourth Ten Best issue, and we still didn't get it right), Brock Yates (Cops, keys, cash, kids, and class), Patrick Bedard (Seeing red) For Your Information - New & Improved (Lotus off the block, Mitsubishi Pajero, BMW V-12), Ford Sierra RS Cosworth (Power shopping at the race-car store), Mazda Familia Turbo GT-X (Four-wheel drive gets a full-time job) Sport - What Makes Brother Elliott's Ford So Damn Fast! (NASCAR's kingpins tell us what they think), Ford's Secret Weapon (The doyen of Dearborn performance)

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