Bowhunting & Archery
- 1980's

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Archery World
October / November
Special Features - Tropicana Archery Championships, 1979 U.S. Archery Deer Tally, Western Outdoors Bowfishing Championship, Bow Report: Indian Tracker, Keeping Pace, NAA Nationals How/Where/When - Great Days Afield, Grab a Challenge, Bear Hunter's Vision, Tracking a Deer? Call Marge, Outsmarting Cottontails Departments - Tackle Topics, Write On, Henderson Coaching Column, On The Market, National Archery Association, Trading Post, Book Shelf, Names...Notes...News, Back To Basics, Archer's Information Service, Bowhunting With Adams

Bowhunting Guide '84
In The Field - Winter Lion, Whitetail Tactics, Gray Ghosts of the Deserts, Silhouetting Antelope, Pursuing Black Bears, Utah Mule Deer, Land Between The Lakes Features - Fulldraw ("Who Cares"), The Perfect Trophy (Game Treatment Tips.), Pope & Young (Getting on the Record Books.), GEAR/1984 (This Season's Choice New Products.) Special Section - Seasons, Fees & Limits (Your state and Province Reference.), Scientific Bow Reports - Stemmler Sting, Golden Eagle Hawk, Stewart Signature Recurves, Darton 5000 MC, Bear Pronghorn Hunter, PSE Vector

February / March
Feature Articles - A Successful Season (A newcomer learns about bowhunting); The Perfect Whitetail Day (Deer on the move make memories); Elk A La Carte (One way to get - and tote - your bull); Hunting The Roaring Reds (New Zealand deer offer noisy thrills); Last Chance Bowhunt (An unexpected trophy as time runs out); The Right Place At The Right Time (Keep records and help your chances); A Morning To Remember (Three turkeys in one morning!); Wet Weather Pronghorns (Success on a soggy Wyoming prairie); The Sweaty Alternative (Stalking pronghorns is super tough); Cal Cozlah (An interview with a unique bowhunter); Calling Javelina? (Add a new dimension to desert hunting); Small Game - Bowhunting's Other Side (Don't overlook the tiny targets afield); Point-Blank Buck (A whitetail buck at six feet); Cougar In A Cave (Cornered cats spell excitement); Success On Bois Franc Road (Quebec is a bear hunter's heaven); Old Jabberwock (Meet an unforgettable mule deer buck); Will You Miss? (Realistic targets pay off big); Go For It! (Dream hunts can become real hunts) Regular Features - The Editor Comments; Talk Between Bowmen; Bowhunter Bits 'n' Pieces; Blaces; What's New For Bowhunters?; Bowhunter Photo Potpourri; PBS News; Would You Believe?; Classified Advertising; Maggie's Meandering; Ask Bowhunter

Zurcher's National Bowhunting
March / April
Feature Articles - Mule Deer Don't Come Easy, Searching For The Past (Collecting Indian arrowheads and Relating Them to Bowhunting.), The 12 Foot Club, Knife Round Up (Knives for Bowhunters.), Of Bears And Bows, Learn About Javelina, Turkey Seasons, 1986, Turkey Habitat (Learn what to Plant for Wild Turkey Habitat), Canoe Bowhunt For Whitetail, Spring Scouting, Back Page "How Far Is A Yard" Departments - Editor Comments, Explaining Our Departments, Calendar Of Events, Bowhunting Survey, Bowhunter's Kitchen, What's New For Bowhunting 1986, Classified, Guides and Outfitters