Bassmaster - 1989

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Timely Features - Bass Tips From A Walleye Pro (An angling expert who knows how to make finicky fish bite has some helpful suggestions for bassers), Take Your Wife Fishing...Please (For a healthier relationship and more fun fishing, invite your wife on your next bassing trip), Mini Lakes For Maxi Bass (The nations small, state-managed fishing lakes can provide outstanding action), The Seasonal Patterns Of Bass (Part II: Midwinter Bass Locations - Here's whats happening in your part of the country this month), Bass Boats For '89 (Here's a look at the newest and best in bass rigs for the new year) Tackle & Techniques - Whole Lotta Shakin' (A deep-water technique for catching suspended bass is catching on in weedy, cover-filled waters as well), Develop Casting Savvy (You can become a consistently better angler by learning Stan Fagerstrom's casting secrets), Structure Basics (Part I: How To Fish Points - Underwater points are among the most fished but least understood types of structures), Deer Hairs Extraordinaire (Flies and bugs made of deer hair catch as many bass today as they did when they were first used), How To Fish Synthetic Salamanders (Fake lizards can be deadly on early season bass) Short Casts - The Comeback Rod, Texan "Sweeps Up" In Outdoor Adventure Drawing, New York Faces Funds Shortage ,u>The Regular Features - About This Issue, Scott On The Line, Moon Times, Mail Call, Short Casts, Bass In Action, The Way It Was, The Tacklebox, Harry 'N' Charlie, For Your Information, Trading Post, Weekend Angler, Coming Up

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Timely Features - The Seasonal Patterns Of Bass - Part III: Pre-Spawn Bass Locations (If the bassing year were a New York street, you're about to go shopping at Tiffany's), The Spinning Rig Revival (Advances in spinning rods and reels have enabled anglers to lighten up on tackle - and catch more bass), Fly-Rodding For Bass (Fly-Fishing is a great and surprisingly easy way to increase your enjoyment of bass fishing), Lakes Of Danbury (This country club for bass fishermen has become heaven on earth for some of its members), Structure Basics: How To Fish Brush (Whether bass are hungry or not, you can catch them out of brush), Outboards For '89 (Improvements on battery charging and engine quietness highlight outboard designs for the new year), Bassin' San Diego Style (Few bass are harder to fool than these shy San Diego giants. But these tricks may work for you), Trophy Bass On Artificials (Bud Andrews has caught more than300 bass over 10 pounds - all on artificials), Early-Season Smallmouth Tactics (Somewhere between freezing and 50 degrees, the water temperature is perfect for big bronzebacks), Great Fishing Vehicles (Like their owners, these cars and trucks have character), Going Deep With Big Boppers (Greg Hines' bottom-bouncing technique may be the easiest way to find and catch bass in deep water), Picking The Perect Spinnerbait (No single spinnerbait style can fulfill all your bass-fishing needs), Bassin' The Ottowa (One of Canada's mightiest rivers has mighty good fishing for smallmouth and largemouth bass), Diary Of A Trophy Bass Trip (It takes as much luck as skill and determination to catch a 10-pound bass) Short Cast - Suuits Filed Over Lake Okeechobee Pollution (A highly unusual legal maneuver to clean up the Big O), Hauserman's Nail (A Maryland angler invents a winter bait to beat the cold front doldrums), New Electronics (Introducing two new depth-finder series) Regular Features - About This Issue, Scott On The Line, Moon Times, Mail Call, Short Casts, The Tournament Trail, Bass In Action, Pro's Pointers, The Way It Was, Harry 'N' Charlie, The Tacklebox, Bass Boating Tips, Weekend Angler, For Your Information, Trading Post, Coming Up