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Basketball Forecast 1981/82


Contents - Pro Basketball 1980/81 In Review (Official NBA statistics and final standings); 1980/81 NBA All-Star Teams - 1980/81 NBA All-Rookie Teams; The 1981 NBA Draft - Team By Team Pro Basketball 1981/82 - Atlantic Division (The pick here is for Larry Bird & Co. to wage another dogfight with Philadelphia as they eye NBA championship No. 15. The 76ers, however, under new ownership, should regroup and squeeze by. The young Knicks have suddenly gotten old, while New Jersey and Washington embark on new eras); Central Division (A deep and talented Milwaukee team is favored but Chicago's on rushing Bulls will make it a race. The Hawks, if healthy, figure to place over the new-look Cavaliers and spirited Pacers. In Detroit, new hope is centered around in import named Isiah); Midwest Division (The Big E joins Moses Malone to propel the Rockets but the Gervin-led Spurs will be on their heels. The gifted Nuggets, revised Kings, and the jazzy scoring duo in Utah should provide for a competitive year. The lowly Mavs had a great draft); Pacific Division (LA's Magic is back and the regrouped Lakers should hold off serious challenges from the recharged Sonics and rising Suns. The vastly improved Warriors and Trail Blazers will again clip San Diego) Profiles - Rating The Backcourt Bombers (Here's an evaluation of the guys whose specialty, according to Red Auerbach, is the most exciting of all basketball plays - the long jump shot); Moses Malone - Houston's Center Of Attention (Although he's only 26 years old, Moses Malone is unequivocally the greatest offensive rebounder in NBA history. His peers say he turns into a savage beast when the fourth quarter rolls around. They also say he's still improving); Dr. J And Larry Bird - Clash Of The Titans (The matchups in the NBA's fiercest rivalry - Philadelphia and Boston - are comparable to trench warfare. Yet there's always two combatants who simply exceed the limits of mortal beings

The Sporting News Pro Basketball Yearbook


Contents - Mark, Isiah And Magic (Friends for all seasons); Layden And Thompson (An evening at the NBA Improv); Magic And Bird (A decade of greatness); Easy Targets (Expansion teams face no-win situation); Young And Restless (Utah's Karl Malone, Seattle's Xavier McDaniel, Sacramento's Otis Thorpe, New York's Charles Oakley, Philadelphia's Charles Barkley); James Worthy (Playing in shadow of Kareem, Magic); Kevin McHale (More than support for Bird); Point-Counterpoint (Jordan's NBA best or con man?); NBA All-Star Week (Seven days of midsummer excitement); Best And Worst (Western Conference extremes); If I Were Commissioner (A dozen key elements for reform); Roy Tarpley (Dallas' extraordinary sixth man); Bobby McDermott (Blast from the past); 1989 Draft Preview (Rich in power and small forwards); Trivia Quiz (Test your knowledge) Team Previews - Eastern Conference - Atlantic Division - Boston Celtics; Charlotte Hornets; New Jersey Nets; New York Knicks; Philadelphia 76ers; Washington Bullets Central Division - Atlanta Hawks; Chicago Bulls; Cleveland Cavaliers; Detroit Pistons; Indiana Pacers; Milwaukee Bucks Western Conference - Midwest Division - Dallas Mavericks; Denver Nuggets; Houston Rockets; Miami Heat; San Antonio Spurs; Utah Jazz Pacific Division - Golden State Warriors; Los Angeles Clippers; Los Angeles Lakers; Phoenix Suns; Portland Trail Blazers; Sacramento Kings; Seattle SuperSonics