These are just a small portion of the ads that we have for sale. None of these are reproductions, all are original. Most of these are large ads, larger than our scanner bed. Therefore the view shown on the page may not completely show the ad. They are placed in a plastic bag with a cardboard backboard for protection. Please e-mail us with your specific interests.
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View Campbell 1 February 1947 Cosmopolitan "Our Latchstring's Out Again" 8" x 11" ad shows a well dressed woman in the doorway of a well appointed dining room $4.00
View Campbell 2 May 12, 1959 Look magazine The 'Campbell Kids' at the top of the page above a picture of 'Chicken with Rice Soup' $3.50
View Campbell 3 February 15, 1943 Life magazine A group of ladies standing around a grocery store holding cans of tomato soup and talking about how good it is. Mr. Whipple would have a fit. $3.50