About Us

I have been collecting and selling items for over twenty years. I have sold my wares at flea markets, book shows, car shows and antique shows. For several years I had a used book and record store in Battle Creek, MI but closed that down and eventually concentrated on the internet. I now live in a somewhat rural part of Michigan with an everchanging family of animals. I now have a 40' x 70' garage that I have built that is filled with my inventories as well as boxes and boxes of items that are yet to be listed. I originally used to work on ads but, about ten years ago, I suffered some heart problems that caused me some problems. The biggest one was that I could not remember how to list the ads that I had done for so long. I then began listing and selling complete magazines and did that for probably the next four or five years. Then my memory slowly started coming back and I remembered just how to list ads again. Now I have both items in my site, now including complete, used books that I have found and purchased. It is amazing what items there are that will have interest to someone out there. I have tried to make the web site organized and user-friendly since I have seen other sites and stores that are difficult to maneuver through. The ads that I sell are taken from actual magazines and trimmed with an old-style library paper cutter before being placed into a bag with a piece of poster board for support. I then tape this shut so that the items remain in good condition while I am storing them, and while they are being shipped. Please inquire about whatever you may have interests in.

e-mail Vic with questions